Face It

by Still Living

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Brad Kearsley
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Brad Kearsley One of the best acoustic songs i've heard, great job guys Favorite track: Yellow.
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released July 28, 2015

recorded by Ben Hirschfield and Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA



all rights reserved


Still Living California

Pleasant Hill


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Track Name: Face It
this time around I'll say it straight
up to your face
if you took a better look you'd understand
why I kept my space
I've never felt complacent or comfortable
it was hard me to listen
I couldn't do as I was told

and I guess things didn't work out as you'd planned them

you seldom leave
you're the weight in my shoes
drag me down
I try to win but I just lose
I found these weapons hidden deep on this inside
well you kept yours so I'll keep mine
I didn't have the voice to say what I wanna say
caught in your background
burning my time away
it always takes a lot to keep every though at bay
is it in me to not end up like you

my wasted youth traces its way to you
disrupt the walls you dug in place
find time to reason while I wait
for every single concept to pile up in my head
when I can't listen or adopt the paths you always choose

I followed suit for too long
in the past you had to make all my decisions

face it, did you expect me to be an empty coffin as well as your trophy

another breaking point
a line to split the bone
this time I failed to mend
another hand I fold
wouldn't you like to see a perfect harmony
build a bridge between
make peace for you and me
Track Name: Yellow
it's been so long since we've talked
and all I'm saying is that I've missed you
but I can't bring myself to say this to your face
cause I'm afraid that you don't feel the same
some time has passed and we've gone our own ways

and I'm sorry for that winter
when I left you in the cold
but i swear I'm getting better
at learning not to let go

I know it hurts to think about that night when you woke up crying
to a phone light on your bedside
not the sunrise you were expecting
I wish you'd be less in my head and more in my bed
so I could fall asleep and wake up next to you again

I was so young back then
somehow I found a way to let you go
I'd trade it all for a blank, stretched canvas
and every time I'd paint it yellow.