Alone in a Crowded Room

by Still Living

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released July 1, 2014

Recorded in various bedrooms and garages.
Engineered, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Tyler Way



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Still Living California

Pleasant Hill


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Track Name: A Few Choice Words
You're pushing me aside
And it feels like
Like I am nothing
Like I was never anything

Well is it true
Am I just a waste of space and time for you
I hope I'm not
And I hope you mean it

Because I know deep down you feel it too.
Track Name: Buying Time
Let me open up to you
About the things that have been on my mind all this time
They keep saying that I'll be fine
But they don't know how I'm feeling

To feel like you're different
To feel like it's all been planned
And you don't know where to go
You're not sure what to show

Does anybody know if this story gets better in the end

Step back please
And give me some space to breath
At least a little more than I have been

I'm not backing down from what I said before
I just wanted you to see me
From a different place so you could understand me more

To feel like you're different
To feel like it's all been planned

You say I'm buying time
But I'm trying to live my life
I've learned from hating how you fight
To teach me what you think is right
Track Name: Fair Warning
Mixed thoughts come with you
You let me go with room at the end of my rope (to choke)
It hurts (to know)
That things did change
And you don't feel the same

But here's fair warning
You're always on my mind
And here's fair warning
I think about you all the time

The quickness of all of this
I hope you know that it kills me
And I can tell by the way that you said "goodbye"
And the look in your eyes you weren't ready

To walk away with all your things
Knowing what you mean to me
And if you ever see me again
I'll try my best to pull you back in

I'm pulling every ounce of breath
To look away as you're leaving me
And it's taking everything I have
To keep the little piece of mind I still have left (have left)
Track Name: The Longest Way Back Home
I'm just a few wrong turns from head first falling
I couldn't find the right way out
You picked me up when I was slowly burning down

I'm taking small steps
Stepping stones to my goals
I learned a lot walking the longest way back home
I always thought I'd have to do this on my own

I'm hanging onto every word and I won't let them go
I kept what you said through all this time spent alone

Took them on the longest way back home
Took them on the longest way back

The Richmond train, San Pablo and Del Norte Station, Mandana Blvd., Calmar Ave., the hills of Oakland, Lakeshore and Grand, AC transit, Berkeley Bancroft, 19th, Lake Merritt

I'll never forget it